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Award of Excellence

The Institute's external newsletter, in-land, received an Award of Excellence in the Best External Newsletter category at the 2007 CiB Awards Scotland held in Glasgow in February 2008.

Spring 2011

in-land Spring 2011We hope you enjoy reading our latest edition of in-land.

This issue features highlights from 'Science into Action' when the Institute was opened to local Primary and Secondary schools for a week in June (page 8), a summary of the 34th T.B. Macaulay Lecture (page 10), details of researcher Javier Pérez-Barbería's award from The University of Navarra, Spain (page 7) as well as a review from the 2010 Royal Highland Show.

Also find out why the Institute is the 'most influential in Britain' (page 5).

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in-land Spring 2011

pdf version

Spring/Summer 2010

in-land magazine Spring/Summer 2010 The theme of this edition is the 'active outdoors' as we introduce our research on the issue of dogs in countryside areas (page 7), assess future outdoor recreation demand (page 11) , highlight tick-borne diseases (page 12) and introduce the new public access trail at Glensaugh Research Station (page 36).

Also featured are the Institute's new Scanning Electron Microscope and our new era of microscopy and imaging (page 18) creative images exploring the links between art and science (page 8) plus the competition winners from our 'How is Rural Scotland Changing' photographic competition (page 28) and the premiere of the Climate Change Installation at the Scottish Parliament in February.


in-land Spring/Summer 2010

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Autumn/Winter 2009

Autumn, Winter 2009 edition of in-land magazineThis issue's featured articles relate to 'landscape change'. On page six we outline how landscape changes through time can be revealed through a comparison of historical and contemporary photographs, Willie Towers, one of several colleagues involved in the both the original and current re-sampling of the National Soil Inventory of Scotland (NSIS) offers his own personal perceptions and reflections of how the Scottish landscape has changed (page 14) and the the theme of landscape change continues with the results of our Moments in Time photography competition (page 20).

Also featured are the 33rd T.B. Macaulay Lecture, highlights from Open Doors - the open day held at the Institute in June 2009, a project we are leading aimed at, as the title suggests, Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation through Alternative Land uses in Rainforests of the Tropics and blogs from the winner of the student bursary who attended the British Science Festival.

in-land Autumn/Winter 2009

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Spring/Summer 2009

in-land newsletter summer 2009 thumbnail and link

In this issue we take the opportunity to celebrate the occasion of Charles Darwin’s 200th Birthday with a series of articles highlighting how current work at the Institute relates to the groundbreaking work that he achieved.

We also introduce Janeemo, a new Climate Futures project which aims to develop a sustainable bio-fuels programme in Malawi by providing villagers with the resources to grow and process bio-fuels for household and village needs.

Plus there is the usual round-up of our recent research findings and activities, including news on the Institute’s work building natural resource monitoring systems in Ethiopia, and the latest update from Glensaugh Research Station.

in-land Spring/Summer 2009

pdf version

Summer 2008 newsletter thumbnail and link

Summer 2008

This issue reports on the Soil Forensics Internations Conference, held in Edinburgh and organised by the Institute, and a Climate Change briefing to Scottish Ministers, in which Macaulay scientists participated.

It also features news of the Institute's "While-U-Wait" contaminated food detector and details of a Murder, Mystery and Microscopes evening to be held at the BA Festival of Science.

in-land Summer 2008

pdf version


Autumn 2007 newsletter thumbnail and link

Autumn 2007

This issue covers the visit of Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs, Richard Lochhead, to the Institute's newly refurbished National Soil Archive of Scotland.

It also reports on the first meeting between key individuals from the farming and environmental sector with the scientists carrying out the government's research into the future of Scotland's countryside

in-land Autumn 2007 (6MB pdf)


Spring 2007 newsletter thumbnail and link

Spring 2007

The Spring edition includes a report on the celebrations surrounding the 30th Macaulay Lecture, given by African wildlife expert Professor Tony Sinclair, and details of the first visit from a member of our Canadian founder's family for over sixty years.

In addition, this issue features news of our ongoing forensics research, a report of our successful biodiversity exhibit and explains why we shouldn't be taking soil for granted...

in-land Spring 2007 (2MB pdf)


Spring 2006 newsletter thumbnail and link

Spring 2006

In this edition, we report on new research proposing alternative livelihoods for Afghanistan's opium growers, the feasibility of reintroducing the lynx to Scotland and a report on the Virtual Landscape Theatre's appearance at the Scottish Parliament.

There is also a round-up of recent events within the Institute, including a feature on the 29th Macaulay Lecture, which was given by world renowned climate change expert, Professor John Schellnhuber CBE.

in-land Spring 2006 (1MB pdf)


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