This page contains the details of the various LADSS peer reviewed papers and other publications since 1999 - some of which are available to download by clicking on the title.

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Scenario Characterisation Within a Multi-factorial Study of Climate Change Impacts on Whole-farm Systems
Bellocchi G., Rivington M., Matthews K.B., Buchan K. and Donatelli M. VIII European Society for Agronomy Congress, 11-15 July 2004, Copenhagen, Denmark, 219-220.

A multi-factorial analysis of the impact of climate change on marginal agriculture systems
Matthews K.B., Rivington M., Bellocchi G. A British Council Report, July 2004.

An integrated modelling approach to conduct multi-factorial analyses on the impacts of climate change on whole-farm systems.
Rivington M., Bellocchi G., Matthews K.B., Buchan K. and Donatelli M. In Pahl, C., Schmidt, S. and Jakeman, T. (eds) iEMSs 2004 International Congress: "Complexity and Integrated Resources Management". International Environmental Modelling and Software Societey, Osnabrueck, Germany, June 2004.