Synergies in Multi-scale Inter-Linkages of Eco-social systems  

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SMILE: Synergies in Multi-scale Inter-Linkages of Eco-social Systems

SMILE is an EU project in the Framework Programme 7 and is funded from 1 January 2008 to 30 June 2011. The project is coordinated by Finland Futures Research Centre.

The SMILE project seeks to implement a set of models from the ongoing FP6 DECOIN project.

The DECOIN toolkit consists of three bio-economic accounting methods (ASA, MuSIASEM and SUMMA) that work at multiple levels over time, to illustrate trajectories of development.

Glen Tanar Estate - part of the Cairngorms National Park

It focuses on the concept of social metabolism that draws attention to how energy, material, money and ideas are utilised by society.

The tools are being applied, in various combinations, to six case studies across Finland; Romania; Catalonia; Laos; Italy and Scotland.

This website focuses on the work of The James Hutton Institute (formerly The Macaulay Land Use Research Institute) team. See also: the SMILE website at Finland Futures Research Centre.