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Geoforensics and Information Management for crime Investigation (GIMI)

Patricia WiltshireProject Staff - Patricia Wiltshire

Patricia Wiltshire

Department of Geography & Environment
University of Aberdeen
Elphinstone Road
AB24 3UF

Tel: 01372-272087
Fax: 01372-278934

Current research activities

Patricia Wiltshire is an ecologist, botanist and palynologist. After lecturing at King's College London, she ran an M.Sc. in Forensic Archaeological Science at University College London. She has developed the discipline of Forensic Ecology and Palynology in Britain over the last 15 years and has worked on very many high profile criminal investigations. She is an experienced expert witness.

Recent Publications

Turner B.D. & Wiltshire P.E.J. (1999). Experimental validation of forensic evidence: a study of the decomposition of buried pigs in a heavy clay soil. Forensic Science International. 101,113-122.

Hopkins D.W., Wiltshire P.E.J. & Turner B.D. (2000). Microbial characteristics of soils from graves: an investigation at the interface of soil microbiology and forensic science. Applied Soil Ecology 14, 283-288: Elsevier.

Hopkins D.W. & Wiltshire P.E.J. (2003). The disposal and decomposition of human and animal remains: implications for health of people past and present. In: Murphy P. & Wiltshire P.E.J. (Eds): The environmental archaeology of Industry. Symposia of the Association for Environmental Archaeology 20, Oxbow Books. 165-170.

Ruffell A. & Wiltshire P.E.J. (2004). Conjunctive use of quantitative and qualitative X-ray diffraction analysis of soils and rocks for forensic analysis. Forensic Science International 145, 13-23.

Wiltshire P.E.J. & Black S. (2006). The cribriform approach to the retrieval of palynological evidence from the turbinates of murder victims. Forensic Science International. In press.

Wiltshire P.E.J. (2006). Hair as a source of forensic evidence in murder investigations. Forensic Science International. In press.