Applied Research

Geoforensics and Information Management for crime Investigation (GIMI)

Project Staff - Patricia Bellamy

Patricia BellamyMrs Patricia Helen Bellamy, BSc
Principal Research Scientist
National Soil Resources Institute
Cranfield University
MK45 4DT


Tel: : +44 (0)1525 863260

Current research activities

Soil carbon and climate change
We have found large losses of carbon from soils across England and Wales from 1978-2003 in the two samplings of the National Soil Inventory. In continuing research we are exploring how far the losses can be explained by changes in climate versus changes in land management. Funded by Defra.

Performance criteria for soil monitoring schemes

Monitoring schemes must be designed to detect changes in soil properties (e.g. soil carbon, acidity, erosion) with specified precision and accuracy, taking into account the property's rate of change, its spatial variation, and analytical constraints. Funded by Defra

SoilFit project

Contributing to collaborative project lead by Macaulay Intitute on developing tools for soil characterisation for use in forensics. Funded by EPSRC.

Analysis of spatial and temporal data using geostatistical techniques, design of monitoring schemes and application of robust and traditional statistics to soil and other environmental data.


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