Transnational Meeting, Delft

Final Conference, Denmark, Oct 2011

Scottish delegates attended the final conference in Denmark on 12 - 13th October 2011. More information to follow.

Transnational Meeting, Sweden, June 2011

Scottish partners, including farmers, attended the latest Aquarius transnational meeting in Sweden on 8 - 10th June 2011. Read a Scottish farmers view to find out more about the issues facing farmers and their role as water managers.

Transnational Meeting, Drenthe, the Netherlands, Mar 2011

Scottish partners attended the transnational meeting in Drenthe on 9th March 2011. Read the workshop report for further information and copies of the presentations.

Transnational Meeting, Delft, the Netherlands, June 2010

Aberdeenshire Council, Landcare North East and Macaulay Land Use Research Institute were represented at the recent Aquarius transnational meeting, held in Delft, 9 - 11th June 2010.

The delegates discussed participatory planning and financial instruments as ways to support farmers to act as water managers. They also toured the Dutch polder system, seeing examples of water recycling and flood storage, as well as the engineering that allows the populations of the Hague, Delft and Rotterdam to live safely at up to 5 metres below sea level.

Farmers Workshop, Tarland, March 2010

All farmers managing land in the Tarland Catchment were invited to a workshop which was held on Tuesday 9th March 2010.

The workshop discussed the perceptions of flooding in the catchment, explored findings from previous research on water management and climate change, and discussed the costs and benefits for natural flood management.

View the main report, presentation and climate indicators report or contact Linda Mathieson for more information.

Transnational Workshop field trip

Transnational Workshop, Tarland, December 2009

All seven Aquarius partners attended a three day workshop, hosted at Douneside Tarland in December 2009.

The workshop shared experiences about working with farmers to manage water quality and quantity, looking at the ecological, economic, social and legal aspects. There was also a field trip where our visitors were able to see the good practice already implemented by farmers, land owners and the community in Tarland.

The workshop led to a transnational report that will be available shortly. Contact Kirsty Blackstock for more information.

Advisors and Authorities Workshop, Aberdeen, October 2009

Advisors & Authorities Workshop

A workshop involving 12 local farming advisors or those working for SEARS family of agencies was held at the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute in late October 2009.

Using participatory techniques, the workshop established how advisors and agencies worked with farmers to manage water quality and quantity, and identified both attitudinal and organisational barriers.

View the full report or contact Kirsty Blackstock for more information.