Policy Support

The LADSS team has recently been working on the following policy support projects related to CAP Reform 2015:

Future CAP Stakeholder Group

This work contributes to the wider body of work shared via the Future CAP Stakeholder Group on which members of the research team sit. Details of the Future CAP Stakeholder Group, including papers presented at stakeholder meetings, may be found on the Common Agricultural Policy - Future CAP Stakeholder Group website.

Past projects in which the LADSS team has been involved:

A key development for the team has been participating in the EU FP7 project SMILE (Synergies in Multi-scale Inter-Linkages of Eco-Social Systems). Here we are applying Social Metabolism Approaches (SMA) to assess sustainability. SMA provides a rigorous, consistent and holistic overview of system performance underpinned by detailed indicators of the extent and intensity of resource use.