The Macaulay Institute

Land Allocation Decision Support System

Oracle Database

LADSS data is stored in an Oracle relational database management system (RDBMS). The RDBMS contains all of the non-spatial data for the project including climate, soil, crops, management regimens, livestock systems model inputs, financial outputs and so on.

The rationale for the implementation of a central data source came about during 2001, when the overall structure of LADSS was reviewed. At that time it was determined that all data that had previously been stored in G2 and the non-spatial data stored in the GIS would be centralised in an Oracle database. The key factor influencing this decision was the requirement of data sharing between applications, in particular CropSyst.

Key DB Tables
Summary Entity-Relationship diagram showing some of the key tables

The diagram shows only a small subset of the tables in the database - there are around 130 tables at present, and some such as the daily climate table contain in the region of one million records.