The Macaulay Institute

Land Allocation Decision Support System

LADSS Components

The LADSS software runs on a Sun/Solaris platform and is made up of a Knowledge Base (KB), Graphical User Inteface (GUI), Geographic Information System (GIS) and Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). For crop modelling LADSS utilises the CropSyst software.

System Overview

The KB and GUI have been developed using the Gensym G2 platform which is suited to the development of rules-based and simulation software. Our G2 application is made up of a hierarchy of modules such as the livestock systems model and a impact assessments.

The Oracle RDBMS is the common data store, referenced by all of the other components. It holds all the biophysical, management regimen, infrastructure and scenario data. Geometric data is held within a GE Smallworld GUI.

The graphic below shows a collection screenshots from the LADSS tool.