Newsletter of the LSIRDnetwork

Livestock Systems in Integrated Rural Development

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Issue 1 -    Winter 1996

John Milne  LSIRDnetwork - aims and objectives 
Anne Busselot Measuring the impact of public institutions on lagging rural and coastal regions.
François Mesléard Converting abandoned rice fields to rangeland in the Rhône delta
J.Hadjigeorgiou, D.Papavasiliou & G.Zervas Quality products from extensive mixed farming systems on Lesvos island.
M Bianchi, LM Battaglini, R Fortina & S Galfione  Pilot farms: an initiative to utilise new livestock farming systems in an upland region of NW Italy (Piedmont Alta Langa)
Rafael Caballero  Conventional and alternative cereal-sheep farming systems in Castile-La Mancha
Roman Haug  Hindelang - an alliance of extensive mountain farming with lasting tourism
Fiona Newcombe & George Fisher Husbandry systems and sustainable environmental quality in Less Favoured Areas
Jerry Laker  Conference report - European Forum on Nature Conservation and Pastoralism
European Environmental Advisory Councils  European Environmental Advisory Councils urge CAP reform to promote sustainable land use
Javier Martínez Vassallo LSIRDnetwork: Some considerations for the development of policy objectives

Issue 2-    Spring 1997

Jerry Laker LSIRD: a network taking shape
Déa de Lima Vidal Livestock systems in farming households in a semiarid area of Spain
Jerry Laker Nafplio conference
Maurice Hankey  Supporting the countryside - policy paper from the Scottish landowner's federation
Geesje Kuit & Hielke van der Meulen Marketing beef from nature reserves in Holland
Mark Morgan Regional targeting of EU agri-environmental schemes: an integrated methodological approach 
Brian Revell Regional images and the promotion of quality products and services in the lagging regions of the EU (RIPPLE)
Dieter Popp Biosphere reserve Rhön - a model for rural regional development 
Erik Schmid The Vorarlberg Point-Model - integrating agricultural support within "Bioland Vorarlberg", Austria 
Angeliki Riganatou Improving wool quality and natural colours in the Sopravissana sheep
Rainer Luick Low intensity farming systems in Germany
Regine Albert The process of zoning in the Biosphere Reserve Rhön

Issue 3-    Autumn 1997

INTRODUCTION - Review of progress
Jerry Laker LSIRD Granada workshop
Jerry Laker LSIRD Witzenhausen workshop
ATELIER Foundation of the European Wool Group
Nicola Fois & Maria Sitzia Improved pastures: the case of dairy sheep farming systems in Sardinia
European Commission Agenda 2000 - Setting the objectives for rural policy and CAP reform
Alastair Rutherford Comment - Agenda 2000 - What does it mean for the rural environment ?
Stephan Dabbert EU organic research project
Tim Treacher Estimating stocking rates in Natural Parks in Andalucía
Peter Pierpoint Food processing in agricultural regions: a route to prosperity ?
A new manual for producing management plans for upland special areas of conservation

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20 February 1997