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Virtual Landscape Theatre (VLT) What is it?

The Virtual Landscape Theatre (VLT) is a mobile curved screen projection facility, in which people can be 'immersed' in computer models of their environment to explore landscapes of the past, present and future.

Small groups have the opportunity to experience landscapes by moving around the virtual world – and they can even provide feedback by means of a voting handset. That way the public can be directly involved in the planning decisions that affect them.

This facility is the first mobile unit of its kind in the United Kingdom, and is used for scientific research as well as engagement with the public on issues of landscape change. The theatre has been funded by the Scottish Government to improve our understanding of the complex issues surrounding land use and rural societies.

What is it for?

The facility, which draws on the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute's expertise in landscape modelling and rural land resources, has three research aims:

  • To develop ‘best practice’ over how the public can participate in planning and proposed changes for the countryside;
  • Raise public awareness of the reasons behind landscape change;
  • Find out what people prefer about landscapes and the values they place on the countryside

Contact details

For more info about the VLT, email us.


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