FEARLUS Model 0-3 & 0-5 Land Allocation Body

The land allocation body controls the transfer of land parcels between land managers. Land parcels have a fixed price, that is paid by the land manager buying the land parcel, and given to the land manager selling the land parcel. The transfer of land parcels happens as follows:

  1. Land managers who have negative wealth choose n of their land parcels to sell, where n is the smallest number of land parcels required to bring their wealth to zero or above.
  2. For each land parcel on the list of land parcels to sell, the land allocator finds the list of land managers who own neighbouring land parcels, and have enough wealth left to buy them.
  3. The land allocator then chooses at random from the list of eligible land managers for that land parcel plus a new land manager.
  4. The land manager selected is allocated the land parcel, and if they are not a new land manager, have the land parcel price deducted from their wealth. The land manager selling the land parcel has the land parcel price added to their wealth.