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Project Deliverables

Title Downloads
D2 Summary report on review of payment calculations for rural development measures PDF
D4 Methodological grids for Agri-environmental payments PDF
D5 Methodological grids for natural handicap payments PDF
XLS (Annex 1)
XLS (Annex 2)
D6 Methodological grid for Natura 2000 payments PDF
D7 Methodological grids for forestry measures PDF
XLS (Annex 1)
XLS (Annex 2)
D8 Methodological grids for payments in animal welfare measures (215) in the EU PDF
D9 Methodological grids for meeting standards measures based on Community Legislation (131) in the EU PDF
D10 Case study analysis of existing and proposed grids PDF
D11 Summary report on grid development PDF
D12 Final Version of AGRIGRID Software Tool ZIP
D12 User manual for AGRIGRID Software Tool PDF

WP and Other Project Reports

WP Title Downloads
WP2 Review of payment calculations for agri-environmental measures (214) PDF
WP3 Review of payment calculations in natural handicap payment schemes for mountain areas (211) and other areas with natural handicaps (212) PDF
WP4 Review of payment calculation for Natura 2000 payments on agricultural land (213) and on forestry land (224) PDF
WP5 Review of payment calculations in forestry measures (221-223/225-226) PDF
WP6 Review of payment calculations in animal welfare measures (215) PDF
WP6 Review of payment calculations in meeting standards measures (131) PDF
AGRIGRID 2nd Annual Activity Report (March 2009) PDF
AGRIGRID 2nd Annual Management Report (March 2009) PDF