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EU Funded Contracts

  • ENDGRADE - Endophytic degrades bacteria for improving phyto-remediation of organic zenobiotics.
  • RECIPE - Reconciling commercial exploitation of peat with biodiversity in peatland ecosystems. Further Information
  • EMERGE - European mountain ecosystems: regeneration, diagnostics and socio-econmic evaluation. Further Information
  • BMW - Benchmarking modules for the Water Framework Directive. Further Information
  • ACCESS - Innovative Approaches to understand complex microbial communities for eco-engineering the degredation of herbicides in stressed agricultural soils.
  • ADVISOR - Integrated Evaluation for sustainable river basin goverance.
  • CIVICS - Consulatative institutions and values in a changing society
  • HIBECO - Human interactions with the mountain birch forest ecosystems: implication for sustainable development.
  • NOLIMITS - Networking of long-term integrated monitoring in terrestrial ecosystems. Further Information
  • VISTA - Vulnerability of ecosystems services to land use change in traditional agricultural landscapes. Further Information
  • MACS - Sustainable economic utilisation of wild South American camelids. Further Information
  • DARCA - Desertification and regeneration: modelling the impact of market reforms in Central Asian rangelands
  • DYNAMO - Dynamic models to predict and scale-up the impact of environmental change on biogeochemical cycling
  • RECOVER:2010 - Predicting recovery in acidified freshwaters by the year 2010, and beyond
  • HYPRES - HYdraulic PRoperties of European Soils
  • AIR Forest Damage project - STORMS - Silvicultural Techniques Offering Risk Minimising Strategies
  • ELPEN - European Livestock Policy Evaluation Network
  • MEMO - Effects of afforestation of agricultural land on heavy metal mobility in soil
  • LSIRD- European Network for Livestock Systems and Integrated Rural Development
  • EFFN - European Fine Fibre Network
  • HydAlp - Hydrology of Alpine and High Latitude Basins
  • Integrating environmental concerns into European mountain agriculture

Other Collaborative projects in Europe