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Society and countryside
Image showing areas we research in relation to Society and Countryside

We provide a joined-up assessment of key rural development problems:

  • The impacts of policy changes upon society and the environment, and how they respond (for example the reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy, and the introduction of the Water Framework Directive)
  • Community development, such as public empowerment and the governance of development strategies
  • Demographic change, including choice and freedom, marginalisation and discrimination
  • Investment and technology, examining the opportunities and demands on lifestyles and infrastructure


Applications are typically related to published reports or policy briefs such as:

  • Challenges in creating local agri-environmental cooperation action amongst farmers and other stakeholders. Final report to SEERAD.
  • The potential use of the Land Capability for Agriculture Classification for determining support to disadvantaged areas of Scotland - a report to SEERAD.
  • Macaulay's report (2007) on land use trends in the crofting counties is now officially available via the Crofting Inquiry website


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