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Selection criteria and fleece characteristics for the Finn sheep

(by Marja-Leena Puntila, Finland)

1-Definition and choice of selection criteria:

The selection objectives are to develop a wool line for the Finn sheep nucleus flock. Research is orientated towards the quantity and quality of the wool.

The selection criteria are:

Our target is to preserve the special characteristics of Finn sheep wool, such as softness, lightness, fineness, elasticity, lustre and different coloured types (pure black, brown and grey).

2-Measurement of fleece characteristics : objective and non-objective measurement of fibre quality

The objective measurements concern the staple length (cm). The average of three estimates measured by a ruler is taken. The fineness grading is subjective but it corresponds with a crimp frequency per 3 cm, so it is in-between objective and subjective measurements.

The subjective measurements are:

3-Management of the collected data within a breed database

After collection of the data, they are stored on a PC in the state farm by a technician, and sent to the Agricultural Research Centre for analysis.

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