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Sources of and links to useful sources of information on silvopastoral agroforestry

Contacts for more help with Silvopastroal Agroforestry
UK Agroforestry Forum If you want more information on silvopastoral agroforestry systems you could look at the web site of the UK Agroforestry Forum which is a body of people who are interested in agroforestry and who are keen to share their knowledge with interested parties.
Mail to UK Agroforestry Forum If you want to contact the UK Agroforestry Forum, use the link to send a message to the Secretary (

Further reading on Silvopastoral Agroforestry and on tree management from Forestry Commissions publications
FC publications search The link here leads to the publications search facility on the Forestry Commission web site. Use it to find out more about the following books. Enquiries on any of these publications should be addressed to:

The Publications Officer,
Forestry Commision,
Alice Holt Lodge,
GU10 4LH
Green Dot Agroforestry in the UK, Forestry Commission Bulletin 122.
Contains very useful information on silvopastoral agroforestry. Some of the content of this web site was taken from this book.
Green Dot Growing Broadleaves for Timber, Forestry Commission Handbook 9.
Provides tree managment information based on conventional woodlands but is particularly useful for pest control (squirrels), pruning of trees and marketing of timber.
Green Dot Poplars for Wood production and Amenity. Forestry Commission Bulletin 92.
Choice of poplars and pruning.
Green Dot The Timbers of Farm Woodland Trees, Forestry Commission Bulletin 91.
Provides information on timber qualities and utilisation.
Green Dot Herbicides for Farm Woodlands and Short Rotation Coppice. Forestry Commission Field Book 14.
Details of approved herbicides and their use.
Green Dot Forest Tree Seedlings. Forestry Commission Bulletin No. 121.
Provides information on the proper handling of transplant trees which are very sensitive.
Green Dot Forestry Practice. Forestry Commission Handbook No. 6.
A general handbook on tree management.

Information on a Special Issue of the journal Scottish Forestry dealing with Agroforestry Principles and Practice.
Link to the Royal Scottish Forestry Society The formal reference to the special issue of the journal, which is the offical journal of the Royal Scottish Forestry Society is:
Scottish Forestry. (1999), Volume 53, No. 1.

You will probably have difficulty in tracking down the journal, however just write to the main author of each article that interests you and ask them to post to you a copy of a reprint of the article. They will send it free of charge.

Dr Fergus Sinclair,
School of Agriculture & Forest Sciences,
University of Wales,
LL57 2UW

Sinclair, F.L. (1999) The Agroforestry Concept - Managing Complexity. Scottish Forestry, 53(1), 12-17.

Read this if you want to know more about the underlying complexity of agroforestry systems; the interactions between the trees and the climate under the tree canopy in which pastures grow and animals graze. Interactions below ground between the roots of the trees and the pasture plants as they compete for water and nutrients. The article also deals with managing the complexity of agroforestry.

Alan Sibbald,
The Macaulay Land Use Research Institute,
AB15 8QH
Sibbald, A.R. (1999) Agroforestry Principles - Sustainable Productivity? Scottish Forestry, 53(1), 18-23.

Read this if you want to know, under a variety of definitions of sustainability, why agroforestry is likely to be more sustainable than conventional agricultural systems.

Dr Paul Burgess,
School of Agriculture, Food & Environment,
Cranfield University,
MK45 4DT
Burgess, P.J. (1999) Effects of Agroforestry on Farm Biodiversity in the UK.Scottish Forestry, 53(1), 24-27.

Read this to find out more about the biodiversity benefits associated with bringing trees onto farmland.

Dr Richard Crowe,
Countryside Management Division,
31 Station Road,
Northern Ireland.
BT45 5DN
Crowe, S.R. and McAdam, J.H. (1999) Silvopastoral Practice on Farm Agroforestry in Northern Ireland. Scottish Forestry, 53(1), 33-36.

Read this to find out how the research findings of silvopastoral agroforesty have been developed into farming practice in Northern Ireland where the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) offers greater financial support to agroforestry than departments in the rest of the UK.

Dr Jim McAdam,
Applied Plant Science Division,
Agriculture & Food Science Centre,
Newforge Lane,
McAdam, J.H., Thomas, T.H. and Willis, R.W. (1999) The Economics of Agroforestry Systems in the UK and their future prospects. Scottish Forestry, 53(1), 37-41.

Read this for a detailed assessment of the economics of agroforestry systems in the UK.

Links to places where you can get more information on and buy tree products for silvopastoral agroforestry
Link to tree nurseries Places for seedlings/transplants.
Link to tree protection sources Places for tree protection.

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