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Current Projects

At the national scale:

At the catchment scale:

  • Creation of land use scenarios in the Dee catchment considering direct and indirect effects of climate change (Gimona et al, 2009).
  • Statistical analyses of the above scenarios on ecosystem services, i.e. forestry connectivity, carbon sequestration.
  • Assessing links between soil erosion and land use patterns in the Lunan catchment (Baggaley et al, 2009).

At the group of farmers scale:

  • Creation of cropping systems scenarios for groups of farmers, and assessment of the room for manoeuvring of farmers on species habitats enhancements (Joannon et al, 2009).
  • Simulation of crop allocation scenarios at the group of farmers scale, based on individual vs. generic farmer decision rules (Schaller et al, 2010).


  • Embedding of LandSFACTS within the RECORD platform, a platform for creating innovative cropping systems and analysing their environmental implications.


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