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Lunan Water Catchment
Heuristics for Hydrological Observation

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Kirsty Blackstock

Project Summary

This project explores how to improve our understanding of water management issues, and water management measures, through integrating scientific and local knowledge. 'Heuristics' can mean many things. They are commonsense rules to facilitate understanding, simple "back of the envelope" calculations, or a process of experiential learning. We use heuristics, in all three senses of the word, to stimulate debate over the causes, consequences, trends and uncertainties involved in water management.

The project has started in the Lunan Water, Angus using a simple nutrient budget to stimulate discussion amongst anglers, residents, scientists, septic tank owners and farm advisors. We aim to further develop this concept in collaboration with interested stakeholders at a regional and national scale. The project involves Andy Vinten, Sarah Dunn and Marc Stutter.


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