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25. Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZ)


The gradual orientation of the CAP to take greater account of environmental issues contributes to the purposes of the Nitrates Directive. However, the failure of a proper application of the directive in some member states cannot be rectified only through CAP measures. Controlling nitrate emission is still primarily the task of transposition and implementation of the nitrates directive. Some member states have only since the year 2000 shown a real willingness to improve implementation. They realise that costs induced by drinking water treatment for nitrates excess, or by eutrophication damages in dams or coastal waters will still increase (EC, 2002). It has also to be taken into consideration that there is a considerable time lag between improvements at farm and soil level and a response in waterbody quality (OECD, 2003).

An effect of the application of Action Programme rules cannot be shown as yet, as there is a natural time lag between improvements on the farm and in the waterbody.



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