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The SBCS is targeted at Scottish beef producers who breed and keep eligible calves on their Scottish land continuously from birth for at least 30 days. Eligible animals are male and female calves which are at least 75% beef bred. However, calves should have not been older than 30 days on 1 January 2005 , hence, only calves born on or after 2 December 2004 are eligible for payments. The calves need to be registered on the Cattle Tracing System and have a valid cattle passport. The scheme is open for claims since beginning of the year and there is no limit on the number of claims which can be submitted in each calendar year. There will be no forward retention periods or stocking density limits.

Actual payment rates for eligible calves will depend on the total number of eligible claims in each year. A higher rate will be paid for the first 10 beef bred calves followed by a lower flat rate for further eligible animals. However, in earlier information provided by SEERAD (2004b), the Executive anticipated payment rates of around £70 for the first ten beef bred calves in each business and £35 for all other beef bred calves. The scheme will be funded through the beef national envelope created by retaining 10 percent of single farm payments from the cattle sector. The SBCS, as a supplementary direct payment in addition to the single farm payment, is subject to modulation at the rate defined for certain years. Farmers receiving the SBCS will be required to comply with Statutory Management Requirements and to maintain their land in Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition (GAEC).

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