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Scope and purpose


This report aims to provide an independent assessment of the state of Scotland ’s farmed environment in 2005. It uses the best available data and collated information to give a national overview of:

  • The state of Scotland ’s farmed environment
  • Analysis of change (according to data available)
  • Environmental measures available (including incentives and obligations), uptake of incentives, and assessment of compliance with obligations
  • Potential and trends 2006-13

The definition of ‘environment’ covers the breadth of remit of Scottish Environment LINK in an agricultural context. Although both ‘conventional’ and ‘organic’ farming are considered throughout, the section on environmental measures available considers organic agriculture as a system in its own right, and its specific environmental effects.

The report is intended to provide a resource for Scottish Environment LINK, its member organizations, and others in the Scottish policy environment to support the Scottish Rural Development Plan 2007-13. It is primarily seen as a Web publication, with the aim of making it easy to extend and update.

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