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AGRIGRID: Methodological grids for payment calculations in rural development measures in the EU

AGRIGRID is an EU Specific Targeted Research Project (EU project code SSPE-CT-2006-044403) in the Framework Programme 6 and is funded from January 2007 to December 2008.


AGRIGRID aims to develop methodological grids for the calculation of payments in rural development (RD) measures in EU member states. The project covers a representative set of EU member states, including Scotland, Germany, Finland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Italy and Greece and regional case studies in the selected countries.

The development of the methodological grids focuses on agri-environment measures, compensatory allowances, Natura 2000 payments, forestry measures and animal welfare and meeting standard measures. The developed grids will enable policy makers and government agencies in the EU and its member states to apply a new harmonised, but at the same time flexible, method for the calculation of payments in the different RD measures.

The AGRIGRID software tool is now available. It is freely available for download. See the user manual for system requirements.

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